Why Coffee Cup Advertising & Product Distribution?
Highly targeted, intimate advertising hand delivered to our premium audience.

Brand Exposure

Marketing tools like umbrellas, partial wraps ( stickers ), shirts and hats all assist in our efforts. Coffee cup advertising delivers unparalleled customer engagement with the average takeaway coffee consumption time of 37 minutes. During this time 6 other people will see the advertised cup - maximizing brand exposure. 

Connection Point

Coffee consumption time of 37 minutes. At least 6 other people will see this cup. Umbrellas are mounted atop a cart emblazoned with the logo of the brand or particular product being added to the cart.
84% of coffees purchased are consumed sitting at a computer, providing an ideal connection point to your marketing message.

Highly Targeted Advertising

Target your ideal audience. Our interactive campaign planning tool allows us to strategically target your ideal audience and areas that are of importance to your campaign.
Shirts and hats adorned by the cart employee are another ploy that help us in displaying the product and raising public awareness of the new addition

Captivating Corporate Professionals

Corporate professionals, in the midst of the daily hustle, always find time to stop and relax with a takeaway coffee, from the moment they head to the office right until they wind down after work. They are:

White collar workers in metropolitan areas ranging from 25 to 64 years old

Professionals with influence and spending power
Affluent and highly educated

Busy and on-the-go

Why innovate with coffee cup and umbrella advertising?

Cut through the clutter and reach your audience during their daily coffee ritual. Coffee cup advertising is the perfect way to connect with your target demographic on a personal level to drive a strong call to action. We have over 500 exclusive distribution partners in NYC, spread across premium locations, office building foyers, public transport station hubs & Universities. We effectively reduce media wastage by only targeting the people you want to reach. More importantly, this form of highly targeted OOH advertising engages the consumer at a more personal level, making your message relevant while guaranteeing a call to action.

Umbrellas serve the residents of the surrounding buildings as the logo and brand were promoting become an actual fixture amid the urban landscape. Vehicles and passing pedestrians also take notice of these umbrellas to boost awareness of a company brand.

Our Campaign Process


We develop a deep understanding of your needs and tailor a custom solution that will drive results.

Campaign Planning

Every campaign we run has a dedicated campaign manager who will work closely with you throughout the entire campaign process to ensure that all of your campaign objectives are met.

Campaign Launch

We activate your campaign simultaneously across our network of vendors targeted at your ideal audience.

The way people consume media has changed. Traditional forms of media such as television, radio, newspaper and outdoor billboards are now not as effective as they once were. With the constant bombardment of ads in the day-to-day world, consumers are becoming smarter with the way they interact with different types of media, creating an increasing problem for businesses hoping to create high quality engagements with their target demographic.

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